montanaberlin Projekt

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Presse Programm
montanaberlin is 2006 founded by:

Esther Horn
Christian Heilig

Klaus Geigle / painting
Thomas Schiela / painting
Birgit Hölmer / drawing / photography /object /
configuration montanaberlin 2008 - 2010:

Esther Horn
Christian Heilig
Nadine Rennert
Richard Schütz

Matthias Röhrborn
Christian Jasper / sculpture / drawing
Gab Heller / painting / drawing / animation
in its actual formation montanaberlin is since 2010/14:

Esther Horn / painting / site specific painting / animation
Jörn Gerstenberg
/ drawing / graphics / linocut
Sebastian Nebe / painting (objects / film)
Oliver Krähenbühl / painting
Tassilo Sturm / site specific installation / sculpture / video
Christian Heilig / site specific installation / sculpture / graphics
Richard Schütz / photography
Nadine Rennert / sculpture, projects, animation
Matthias Röhrborn / painting
montanaberlin is purpose, act and space.

In our work, we focus energy on the interface between nature and the space of human life. We invent a new reality, and organise it. Reality here spans from
sharp observation, surreal invention and construction to the interpenetration of inside and outside world. We are unary nomads who connect with each other.
Committed to a knowledge of reality as a diversity of aspects, the artists' works allow for such diversity.

We want discourses to be prompted by the immediate presence of art. We do not do research. We express all matters straight.

"...this form of illusion is deliberate: it allows the creation of mental space by the destabilisation of perception" (Baudrillard)

Proceeding from aspects of form and content of our own artistic work, montanaberlin welcomed particular positions of artists, galleries and other institutions. In the period between oct 2006 and dec 2008 montanaberlin organised exhibitions in his offspace in the Brunnenstrasse Berlin-Mitte. We have shown about 60 artists from Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, Czechoslovakia and the United States. Beeing invited as an artist project, montanaberlin started to exhibit in national and internationl institutions since 2008.